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Simpson Performance Series® Upgrades

April 23, 2015 2 min read

Product Feature

Developed for exterior doors that are subject to harsher environments, Performance Series® is a selection of options that deliver maximum protection for your finely crafted Simpson door. We currently offer two Performance Series options, UltraBlock® and WaterBarrier® Technologies. The combination of these two technologies creates a door suited for the toughest exposures. And this protection is delivered without sacrificing the charm and craftsmanship you've come to expect from a Simpson door. After all, a beautiful door is only worth having if you can protect it.


Available for virtually any Simpson exterior door, WaterBarrier technology combines a Medium Density Overlay (MDO) with PVC glazing beads and bars to create an exterior that stops water in its tracks. Select your choice of wood species and you've got the best of both worlds: water protection on the outside and the unmatched beauty of a real wood door on the inside. It's a perfect alternative to an expensive cladded door, and exactly the type of innovation you'd expect from Simpson.

What is WaterBarrier® Technology?
  • One-piece of Medium Density Overlay (MDO) on outside for the very toughest exposures - commonly used on concrete forms and street signs
  • Minimizes the possibility of stile and rail separation
  • Eliminates checking on the face of the door
  • Excellent durability and resists moisture absorption
  • Overlay has thermoset acrylic latex primer topcoat, resulting in superior paint application
  • Can use water or alkyd-based paints on finish
  • PVC glazing bead provides moisture resistance
  • Choose any species to match interior architecture
  • Available for virtually any Simpson door. To see if your door can accept WaterBarrier technology, visit Find a Door.
  • Five year limited warranty, no overhang required

A long time favorite of Simpson's most discriminating customers, UltraBlock technology adds a water-resistant composite block in the bottom of the door stiles, where water infiltration can occur in a tough exposure. Our exclusive Weather Seal™ process provides additional protection against moisture penetrating the bottom rail. It's our answer to the galoshes you splashed around in as a kid.

UltraBlock technology is already included on most Simpson entry doors. And for doors that do not include it as a standard, it can be ordered as an option. Simply let your Authorized Dealer know you want UltraBlock in your door.

Here are the product lines where UltraBlock is already included as a standard:

What is UltraBlock Technology?
  • Maximum protection against extreme weather conditions
  • Composite block material finger-jointed into the bottom of the stiles eliminates water infiltration
  • Minimizes stile and rail separation
  • Eliminates bottom rail and lower stile rot
  • Reduces buckling and swelling of bottom rail and lower stile components
  • Improves warp resistance
  • Beautiful genuine wood
  • Five year limited warranty

Order UltraBlock® in all your 1-3/4" Thick Exterior Doors. 

Ryan Banks
Ryan Banks

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