by Monica Banks August 25, 2016

As the summer winds down, we all wonder where the time went. "What?!?! Labor Day? No way!" Is a common phrase around this time.  Once again time slips easily by in the carefree days of summer. But it's not over yet. Plus: September totally counts as summer. 

Now is time to finish the projects we started, or haven’t started. Springtime and the beginning of summer are days so full of promise, plans and hope. So often we get sidetracked and August comes with the realization that there are lots of things left to do. Here is a list of 4 projects you finish before the last summer sunset, and feel good about all year long. 


1.  Mudroom

The termMudroom is perhaps a misnomer. This room could easily be referred to as a Gear Drop, Slush Stopper, Coat Room or Garden Access. Whatever you want to call it or use it as, a Mudroom has a wide variety of uses that help keep your home clean. A place to take off your boots because they are wet, or even your sandals so you don’t track too much dirt into the house. These rooms can be a game changer. It doesn’t even have to be a whole room. With a little organization and maybe a chair or bench, a hallway or corner by the entrance will do just fine.


2. Deck

We’ve talked about this, finishing your deck now gives you all fall to watch the leaves change and put you in a better position when things start to thaw again next year. With a fireplace, these places can be enjoyed for more months than you might have imagined.


3. Storm Windows/Doors

We fight with these every season. For some it's a struggle to make them work. I offer you this advice: replace them now. Buy ones that properlyfit your windows and save money on your electric bill. For bonus points: consider getting some for your front porch. You will lose less heat out the front door and it may even double as a mudroom. That my friends is what we refer to as killing two birds with one stone.

4. Usable Space Outside the House

Dreading the cold winter months trapped in your home too cold to go outside and work on any projects? Well you know the space you’ve been dreaming about cleaning for years andsetting up that studio or workshop? Do it. Clearing out a garage, shed or front porch will add space and value to your home and lives. The bonus points here come from insulating it. Perhaps you have an old wood stove buried somewhere in said garage you want to clean out anyways. With a bit of insulation board and some new storm windows, you could all of the sudden have a year round workshop.

Pro tip: if storm windows aren’t something you’re interested in for the time being, consider shrink wrapping your windows for the season, it’s quite surprising how much insulation a bit of plastic can add.

Monica Banks
Monica Banks

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