Medallion Cabinetry - New Finishes!

by Bold Apps July 30, 2015

This unique finish is achieved by artfully brushing multiple glaze materials onto a stained surface. Thicker than a normal glaze, the varying shades of application create a subtle textural feel and appearance.

Available in Gold on select door styles in oak and quartersawn oak. 

New Finishes


A translucent black stain with warm gray undertones. Available with ebony glaze only, ebony highlight, or ebony glaze and highlight for Gold, or ebony highlight for Silverline. For all wood species 

Irish Creme & Chai Tea

Two new classic paint colors for Gold and Silverline on maple. Irish Créme lends a soft gray hue; Chai Latte a subtle taupe hue. Available with pewter highlight. 


A gray highlight that accentuates select painted doors. Available in Gold and Silverline 

Bold Apps
Bold Apps

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