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December 17, 2015 2 min read

It's strange how a building can seem to hold so many memories. How one structure so alike all the others, can feel so different. A house is nothing more than a building, but a home is where our memories live. A home is what all buildings aspire to be. A place that holds the imprint of our lives, the memories and the history. A home remembers the people that come into our lives, the ones that stay and the ones that don't. A home is the stage for the stories of our lives.  


This house has grown over the years to suit the changing needs of the family who has called this place home for over 25 years. The renovation has expanded the kitchen and employs a L-shape design with an island. This house has been witness to the raising of children, dogs and everyday life. From the heavy weight of boys hanging on the door jambs, to the clouds of dirt running around, a house remembers.


essex kitchen overview


The island has bar seating for entertaining, cabinets for storage and a wine rack. The windows above the sink allow the morning sun to come in and brighten up the day. In the corner, the owners opted for drawers as opposed to a lazy susan. It took a bit of getting used to, but today the space is more accessible and easier to clean. The cabinetry is by Medallion, from the Platinum Inset Line with a White Chocolate Finish and marble countertops. The island is done with a Seagrass finish and has an antique wood counter.


kitchen overview


The only constant in life is change, so it makes sense for our homes to grow and change with us. Renovations along the way can help your home keep up with your life and family, while still holding on to the memories. 

Installed by The Building Place

Photographs by Monica Banks 


mixer window cabinet

microwave cabinets





Monica Banks
Monica Banks

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