by Monica Banks August 02, 2018

This mother in law apartment in Hamilton was recently renovated for the grandparents when they moved out of the home they raised their kids in. Leaving the home you've built is never easy, but creating a new home is full of joy. Be intentional and think about what you're moving for, and what you're moving towards. When we leave the past behind, we open our lives up to a whole new world of possibilities. As our lives grow and change so do our homes.

 hamilton reno kitchen medallion cabinetry l shape white icing

Moving into this home meant a smaller space to manage and being closer to family, including the grand kids. Sometimes we find it’s time to move closer to the people we love. We decide that space is less important than distance. Cutting down in size doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice function or style though.

medallion cabinetry white icing finish craftsman door styleThis renovation offered plenty of obstacles, not the least of which was the steel beam that was installed to straighten out the walls. But in the end it all came together. In just the right time, and just the right space.

medallion cabinetry white icing craftsman door style maple construction

Sinking the kitchen window below the countertop inside preserved the exterior window styles and keeps light pouring into the kitchen. Being mindful about the details is important when you don’t have all the space that you’re used to. But that’s exactly what good design does. 

bread box medallion cabinetry white icing finish craftsman door style maple construction 

Medallion Cabinetry

Craftsman Flat Panel Doors


White Icing Finish


Work done by P. Bevan Builders


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Monica Banks
Monica Banks

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