April 01, 2021 2 min read

Designing a home is always a challenge. And when you’re doing it on TV there are some extra pressures on top of the million little details. It makes the challenge all the more exciting. While a lot of the process is similar to designing for regular clients, there is one huge difference. The homeowner isn’t involved in most of the decisions.


HGTV Farmhouse Fixer Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin


When Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin came to us with the opportunity to work on an HGTV kitchen, we were thrilled. It’s been a really exciting opportunity. Kristina and Jon had such a great vision and the way they brought these homes to life was really unique and special to the homeowners. As professionals, this is what we do, and there is no better feeling than when a design comes together. Being able to create a home for someone that brightens their life is an incredibly special opportunity. I think that’s why so many people love to watch it come together on HGTV.


Kitchen Sink Medallion Custom Color Cabinetry


After meeting with the homeowner and finding out a bit about her, Kristina set off on her way to create the space. Baking was a driving force in this kitchen. That’s where she generated a lot of her joy. And Kristina wanted to create a bright space that reflected that joy. Color was a really important element. However, it wasn’t until she came across the perfect wallpaper that it all came together.

"Every design has to start somewhere. Jon and I were having a hard time finding out where exactly the story of this home started. But when we saw that wallpaper we immediately knew. And everything started to come together after that.” Kristina said.
Blue Stove Medallion Custom Color Kitchen Cabinetry


Once Kristina had her vision, she gave us a basic layout and told us what her priorities were. From there, our designer Leah Bonarrigo was able to find the right pieces to bring her vision into reality. She was able to use her product knowledge to connect all the dots. 


Medallion Cabinetry Kitchen Pantry


Part of that vision, included creating a pantry separate from the pantry. It's not a large space, so it felt counterintuitive at first. Kristina knew that she would be able to create more usable space, and keep an intimate feel in the kitchen by doing so. She was right. 


HGTV Farmhouse Fixer Kitchen with Medallion Cabinetry Periwinkle Custom Color


Color was a huge part of this design theme. We needed to go with a custom color for the kitchen cabinetry to make it all work. Being able to do that with Medallion Cabinetry made all the difference on this project. Time and budget constraints are huge on a project like this, and the custom painted finish really tied all the elements together.

Photos by Jared Kuzia

Cabinetry by Medallion Cabinetry

Door Style: Loxley
Finishes: Wall Cabinetry- Sea Salt, Base Cabinetry- Custom: Mediterranean Sky
Species: Maple

Monica Banks
Monica Banks

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