by Monica Banks June 23, 2016

Everything changes in the summer. Something about the sunshine and longer days brings smiles to the faces of the people. The days slowly bleed into warm summer nights and the grills emerge from their winter hibernation. It’s time to bring the kitchen outside.

outdoor kitchen chicago wine grillImg Kalamazoo Gourmet

Summer grill outs are certainly a luxury, but in my opinion, one that everybody deserves. Often times it can be hard to enjoy yourself and host friends and family while you are running in and out of the house to make sure everybody has everything they need. What if you already had everything you need outside with you?


For most of us, a grill is all we need. But why limit our outdoor cooking spaces to just one appliance? What if you had a mini fridge outside to keep the drinks cold and the food ready to go on the grill? If electricity is out of the question, think of investing in a high quality insulated cooler that can keep things cool for longer. You don’t need to keep everything cold for days, just for the night. A cooler and ice packs can go a long way. Creating a built in space for a cooler or cart can help keep the style you want and the cold beverages close at hand.

stainless steel sink drawers outdoor kitchen

Img Grundstromer

Perhaps you could build a wood-fired pizza oven in an unused corner of the yard. Or maybe a tiki-bar is all your heart desires. Your outdoor kitchen could be a grill with a nearby cooler, and that is a great setup.

outdoor kitchen grill cooler porch


However, I encourage you to remember that there is room for improvement in all things. With a little creativity and a few small adjustments, your outdoor kitchen can be everything you’ve always wanted. When it comes to outdoor kitchens, dream big.

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Monica Banks
Monica Banks

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