by Monica Banks July 28, 2016


In 1916 there stood a fishing shack on Rocky Neck.  Despite the amazing view, there was nothing special about this shack. Many like it shared the same beautiful scenery, overlooking the outer harbor and what lies beyond. As far as fishing shacks go it was non-descript. But great things come from humble beginnings.

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A few years later in 1920, the shack was expanded and turned into a home. This was only the beginning of many changes to come. What was once a small fishing shack had begun an incredible transformation. It wasn’t an easy journey. Like all great transformative stories, the road was dark and windy.

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After buying this former fishing shack in 2012, the new happy homeowners knew there was work to do. Like all great transitions, this was going to take some time. It was another 2 years before the new family was able to move in. The results were better than expected.

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An inspection by the contractors revealed rotten floorboards. It was an unexpected and disappointing discovery. Ripping up the floorboards resulted in more unexpected and disappointing discoveries. Suddenly, they were tearing out the whole kitchen. While this was not the original plan, it did allow the family to expand the kitchen.  As the renovation project grew, the cramped spaces of the former fishing shack opened into a home.

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Perfection isn’t the right word. The term conjures up an image of a meticulous nature. With straight lines and square, 90-degree corners. This idea of "perfect" is often unrealistic, particularly in older homes. Anybody that has lived in such a home can attest to the slanted floors and low ceilings.

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Perfect isn't always what you thought it was. It's everything coming together as you never knew it could. In spite of, or rather because of, these unique qualities our homes have accumulatedover the centuries.  Crooked ceilings and rotten floor boards are the dark and windy roads. The kind that lead you to a place better than you might have once imagined.

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Monica Banks
Monica Banks

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