by Monica Banks November 01, 2018

Sometimes you just need a face lift. Not everything needs to be different to be new, not everything has to change to upgrade your kitchen. A few small changes and updates can do the trick. Upgrading cabinetry can feel daunting. There is a lot that goes into a kitchen renovation. But it doesn’t have to be entirely different to be new.

kitchen peninsula vaulted ceilings medallion cabinetry

The transformation of this home is both subtle and striking. As far as design goes, not a whole lot was changed. They were able to move the fridge, it was formerly perpendicular to the rest of the lay out along the back wall, next to the door. By stretching out the kitchen a little, we were able to fit the fridge against the wall with the rest of the cabinetry. Moving the fridge against the wall helps keep the layout clean and keeps the kitchen feeling open.

kitchen sink cabinetry medallion wood white shaker style

The kitchen leads to a peninsula before opening into a dining area. Along the wall is a desk for getting work done.

kitchen vaulted ceilings work desk medallion cabinetry

The kitchen leads to a peninsula and then opens to vaulted ceilings and a dining area. There is also a desk for added work space and organization.

kitchen medallion cabinetry peninsula shaker style

Change can be hard. But change doesn’t always have to be drastic. The new cabinets for this kitchen are largely the same as the old ones, an evolution of the same style. The homeowners kept the same color scheme. Cabinetry doesn’t last forever, even though we wish it could. It's easy to accept your home and feel like you don’t want anything to change because you like it the way it is. And ultimately that is what you want, to like your home and to feel comfortable in it. However when your cabinetry starts breaking down you have to accept what you maybe once didn’t want to. That’s it's time for a change, that it’s time for an upgrade. But you don’t need a whole new layout or to pick some wild new color scheme. You can order your new kitchen to match your old one. Only with the opportunity to take advantage of your living knowledge of the space. Trust your knowledge of your home and your space. If you’ve been living there for 20 years you know what works and what doesn’t better than anyone. Wishing the refrigerator was somewhere else no longer has to be a wish.

ceramic pots medallion cabinetry shakerstyle white wood

Monica Banks
Monica Banks

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