by Monica Banks June 16, 2016


White cabinetry. Perhaps the most common choice that we see, and for good reason. White cabinetry provides a clean look, adding contrast to the elements in your design. The color is versatile in style, classic and ultimately timeless. You really can’t go wrong with white cabinetry. But there is more to the story.


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Where white kitchens dominate, color cabinets can be a bold choice. They can highlight architectural details, and create a personalized style. Painting old cabinets a vibrant color can revitalize the room and bring your kitchen new life.



The way we decorate our homes is a reflection on our personality, but there are also so many trends that can sway our opinions. Clean, white, minimalist kitchens and Scandinavian design are everywhere these days, and look great. But bold can be simple too.


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The first records of this home date back to the late 1700’s, but it’s no longer known exactly when it was built. This house stands in colonial glory, and as history lovers, the homeowners wanted to preserve that. The island is crafted from one of the old counter tops, it is a beautiful piece of antique wood they were able to repurpose.



These homeowners stuck to their guns and their colors. It felt like going out on a limb to order the shaker style cabinetry in a sage green finish, but a little bit of bravery can go a long way. Now this home honors its history with a style that is unique to the family. A historical home they can truly call their own.


re purposed counter


corner stove




Monica Banks
Monica Banks

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