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Are you kidding me!?


Twitter, Facebook, 4 Square, Google+, Mysapce, Instagram, LinkedIn we have all heard these names.  They are the hottest names in a growing market of social media companies.  

What is social media you may ask?
Social media is a Internet based form of communication between individuals, organizations, and communities.  

Think of it like the virtual version of your favorite real life hang out; be it coffee shop, bar, beach, or movies.  What these companies provide is an online place for you and people of similar interests to get together and share.  The sharing could be anything from text to videos.  

You see these companies everywhere; on the radio, in tv and movies, on the news, and on packaging for some of your favorite products!  It has become something that we are all aware of if not directly then peripherally.

What does any of this mean to me?

What this means is that there are online communities where individuals are gathering, sharing, encouraging, and complaining to one another.  If I am a company and I know there is a place that people are talking about me I want to hear what they are saying.  Call me nosy.  I want to know what they are saying, why they are saying it, and how I can use that info to generate more business.  

Generating more business, we all want that right?  But how do you turn these online communities into sales?


Listen, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ these are all free services.  FREE!  They cost nothing and give you the opportunity to reach your customers in places you could not before.  The way you engage these folks is by posting content.  The content can be anything; photos, quotes, questions, comments whatever inspires you.  The most important thing is that you post something, you do not want to have a dusty Facebook account that get's used twice a year.  

Despite all that none of this helps to answer the question; who cares?
In all honesty, no one cares.  It is up to you the business owner, the community organizer, or the book club president to take the initiative.  No one is going to roll out the red carpet and invite you to share.  You need to be invested in sharing and spreading your message.  

Social Media Best Practices

1) Create a Facebook or Twitter account, it is free!
2) Use the account.  If you are not going to use it do not open it.
3) Start with a small goal, post one time per week.  
4) Add some friends, like some groups, reach out!

What to Post
Whatever is important to you!  Do not try to contrive something you think people will be interested in.  
Be yourself.  Whatever you think is neat or cool talk about it.

If you are still on the fence, do not forget, it is FREE!!
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