Trick space to make small rooms appear larger

December 04, 2014 1 min read

Builder Blog  - December 3, 2014

Ever heard a homeowner complain about a living room that’s too spacious? Neither have we.

Whereas homeowners with sprawling living rooms must labor to adequately furnish them, those stuck with a smaller living room must learn to trick the space. This goes beyond smaller furniture, light colors and creative use of mirrors. Here are some surefire tips from, a site that’s well-versed in beautifying tight quarters:

 If you have room, pulling your furniture away from the wall can make conversational groupings seem cozier, and the room seem a lot more spacious.

Balance heavier pieces with lighter ones to keep a space from feeling too clunky. The lighter pieces in this room — the coffee and side tables — provide a nice counterpoint the sofa and dresser.

Keeping everything low (including the art) is a great trick to make a room look bigger.

Paired chairs don’t have to match — try mixing two pieces from a similar era with different shapes.

As a building professional, what kind of tricks do you recommend for making small rooms appear larger?

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