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May 09, 2013 1 min read


Welcome to Fusion Hardware!  Fusion has been around for a bit and they are doing a huge push to get the word out. 

They have a great offering of all different styles and finishes.  They are positioning themselves as a competitor to Emtek a brand many of us are more familiar with.  I can not speak to how they differ specifically but either way it is great to have another reliable quality solution in the market.  

See more from Fusion below: 

In architecture and design, every element has a role in delivering on the vision for a space... for creating a cohesive look that captures the very essence of that space.
Door hardware should become part of the architectural style and design in a very natural way.

That's the beauty of Fusion.

Fusion offers an extensive collection of door hardware that can be integrated into a vast array of rooms, homes and spaces. Custom-designed and built-to-order, each piece innately conveys the vision for a space. Every Fusion product—carefully crafted and assembled by hand—harmonizes with its design landscape to provide the appropriate balance between decorative appeal and functional ease.


At Fusion, we take as much pride in creating quality customer experiences as we do in designing beautiful products. Just as we carefully craft each piece with precision, we have created a customer experience that's unparalleled—one that is as unique as the space being designed.

See the catalog for a full run down:

We have a new display in the showroom, come check it out
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