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Caulk & Walk Seamless White Columns

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The Column & Post patent pending NEW Caulk-n-Walk White Seamless Column takes column installation to the next level with the white, paint optional, columns.  These columns are easier to install, do not require finishing and there is no parting line.  The white seamless column along with the Plumb Perfect installation system will make completing your column project easy while saving the installer valuable time and money.
Simply caulk around the bottom of the capital and top of the base and walk away!

  • White Seamless Column with a Satin Finish
  • No Parting Lines to sand
  • Everything in 1 Box
  • Plumb Perfect Installation System        
  • Split Fit Optional
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • In Stock
  • 8", 10" & 12" x 8', 9' & 10' Smooth Round Columns

    Caulk n' Walk
    Everything in 1 Box

    • Column
    • Cap  
    • Doric Base
    • Plumb Perfect Installation Instructions
    • Base Ring with pre-drilled holes
    • Base Ring target
    • Installation disc with pre-drilled holes
    • Plumb bob with eyelet hanger and string
    • Nine Tapcon screws
    • Wood Shims

    Split Fit Column Reassembly System

    • Cast indexing keys make aligning the column halves stress free
    • No slipping or sliding at glue joint
    • You can use fast setting epoxy to reduce installation time
    • Fully split columns arrive ready to install
    • Precision Diamond Cut line is easy to finish
    • Eliminates the hassle of finishing the splitting at the job site
    • Saves valuable finishing time
    • No screws or tabs required
    • Tongue & Groove fit assures snug installation
    • Three dimensional alignment guaranteed
    • Keys restrict lateral & vertical play, ensures an easy to finish seam
    • Split Reassembly Kit included