Provia Aspect awning window

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The versatility of the design allows you to vent where you need it the most. The versatility of this window makes it a favorite for combining with a picture window.

  • Aspect Awning
    Standard Features:
  • 3" frame depth
  • SunShield® Vinyl
  • " ComforTech™ DLA
  • Welded frame and sash construction
  • Exterior glazing
  • Square sash profile offers a traditional look that adds elegance to the sash
  • Multi-point locking hardware system
  • Quick-release dual-arm operator
  • Extruded screen frame with BetterVue® fiberglass mesh
  • Additional
  • Neopor® Insulation
  • 1" IGU ComforTech TLA & TLK
  • INNERGY® thermal sash reinforcements
  • See price list for additional options