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Shims - 80 pieces - Eastern White Cedar

SBC is also a leader in the manufacturing of shim shingles. They deliver over two million bundles a year. This by-product with thousands of functions is available in different bundle sizes.

Quality insurance is also applicable for these products. In fact, SBC grades each individual shingle to insure they all meet the fabrication standards. Moreover, all products are stored in a warehouse.

Why should you use cedar shim shingles?

  • Easy to break
  • Easily support temperature and humidity variations
  • Allow an adjustment from 1/16" to 3/8" (15 mm to 0.9 cm)
  • Their natural oils protect against decay and insects


Width   2" to 12" (5 to 30 cm)
Length 15-1/2" to 16"   (39.3 to 40.6 cm)
Thickness 3/8"   (0.9 cm)
Quantity per bundle (approx.) 80


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