Velux Solar Powered "Fresh Air" deck mounted no leak skylight

Flashing Installation Kit

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The Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight 

features a solar panel that captures any available daylight and uses it to recharge a highly efficient, fully concealed, battery powered operator and control system. 

The battery powered operator is the power source that opens and closes the skylight and the solar panel serves as the charging source of the system.

  • Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass

    • Features Neat® glass coating to keep your skylight cleaner, longer, leaving skylights virtually spotless.
    • Reduce unwanted outside noise by up to 25% less than a standard double pane glass, and up to 50% less than a plastic skylight.
    • VELUX recommends and building codes require laminated glass for out of reach applications.
  • Factory installed blinds


    Four factory installed blinds are available to include in the purchase of your skylight. Over 85 special order blinds also available. The blind uses its own independent, built-in solar panel and power system.

    In-stock blackout blinds

    Blocks 98% of light

    In-stock light filtering blinds


  • Flashing System

    A crucial part of our complete system. VELUX flashing systems are designed to shed water without relying on sealants that can break down over time. We offer a variety of flashing systems to ensure a weathertight fit for virtually all roof types and slopes. 

    Note: Flashing systems are not required for pan-flashed skylights or SUN TUNNEL™ skylights.