INTEX Transforming Tradition

by Ryan Banks March 14, 2013


The Marvin family is at is at it again!  We have been introducing everyone to their Integrity windows and their fancy fiberglass exteriors.  For anyone that has ever had a fiberglass boat or worked with fiberglass you know how tough that stuff is!  The perfect material to take a beating from our salty conditions here and keep shining. 

In the past few years they realized the benefits of the fiberglass and started to make all of their Marvin door frames with a fiberglass sill.  The sills held up better and customers were happier.  Is there anything more important?

Recently they started to make door frames not just for Marvin doors but to be sold to other door companies.  So now you can get a Simpson or a Rogue Valley door setup in a fiberglass frame from Marvin.  They are marketing this frame under the name, "entrust, door frames".  They also manufacture a fiberglass siding material under the name "Apex".

We do not have a sample yet but when we do we invite you to come in and check it out.

The frame is awesome (I saw it at a trade show) and the company behind it rocks! 



Come down to the shop or give us a call to find out more! 



Grand Banks
Ryan Banks
Ryan Banks

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