Installation Services

Grand Banks is now offering installed sales for licensed and insured contractors for products purchased at Grand Banks. Our Installation Technicians are trained in all our manufacturer specs, so everything is installed according to the manufacturer to ensure that warranties are upheld.


For smaller projects, we will install directly for the homeowner. This includes things like storm doors, single slab replacements or other small projects. Please consult us if you have questions about your project.


We will install any products purchased at Grand Banks through your General Contractor. If you need help finding a contractor, please let us know and we can connect you with one.

Specialty Products

We specialize in custom products for your building projects. Some of these products, such as Scenic Doors, European Windows, Cabinetry and more, require special attention and training. We will install any of these products for you through your General Contractor.


All of our Installation and Service technicians are trained in all manufacturer specs and warranties. We will service any products we sell, even if you didn't purchase them through us.

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