April 29, 2021 1 min read

Driving through Essex, MA it's hard to take in all the beauty. As you wind along on 133, you are at time surrounded by the marsh. The incredible landscape has turned Essex into more than just a destination for clammers. It's a place to spend the day, to take in the beauty of the world, and to gather with your friends.

Great Marsh Brewing Company, Marvin Signature Windows

The latest addition to Main Street is the Great Marsh Brewing Company. The dining room on the second story offers a more elevated view of the surrounding marsh. In creating the building, we wanted to ensure that the view would be obstructed as little as possible. Windows with a 2 over 2 divided lites allow for that, while still maintaining some of that classic New England Style. We used Marvin Signature windows to achieve the sleek lines and large glass size. 

Great Marsh Brewing, Marvin Signature Windows

There are few things finer than gathering with your friends and family to share a meal. With the beautiful landscape of the surrounding marsh, this is more than just a building. It’s a part of the town and the community surrounding it. The stories shared and memories made here will be remembered forever, and the marsh will be behind it all.

Great Marsh Brewing, Marvin Signature Windows

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