Summer is coming, and it's a cause for celebration as we all start spending more time outside. The days are getting longer, and more and more windows are staying open throughout the day. For many of us, we don't have the opportunity to spend as much time outside in the sunshine as we'd like. Perhaps, we should focus more on bringing the outside into our homes. By eliminating the barriers between outside and in, we can bring a little more light into our lives.

Marvin Scenic Doors

Marvin Scenic Doors are designed to do just that. They are a combination of wall, window, and door that maximizes the amount of light you can bring into your home. In reducing the barrier between inside and outside, you can get more of the Vitamin D we all crave.

Marvin Scenic Doors

Often when we think of Scenic Doors, an image of a spectacular view of the ocean or mountain vistas comes to mind. But you don't need that at all. Scenic Doors can help make a space feel bigger, by letting in more light or incorporating a deck or patio with your indoor living areas. Even if you don't have an epic view at your home, you can still open up to let the light in. At Grand Banks, we've experienced this ourselves.

Marvin Scenic Doors at Grand Banks

In the remodel of our showroom at Crafts Road, we incorporated a Multi Slide and Bifold on the front of our building. Not only to showcase these beautiful doors but to let more light into our space.Creating the opportunity to bring more light into the showroom, and making everything brighter. 

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