January 31, 2019 2 min read

It's no secret, that as New Englanders, we are innately deprived of vitamin D in the winter. We don't get as much sun as some places in the world, and we get more than others. It’s a middle ground. Which means we have a responsibility to take advantage of the sun we do get.

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If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then these long months help grow our love for the sun exponentially. Our lack of vitamin D and sunshine is precisely what inspires our love for sunlight. Especially in the cold dark depths of winter. It’s helps us appreciate what we have, while we have it.

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Even though the days are getting longer, it still feels dark and cold. It’s almost like one of those colds, where you start feeling better but you somehow sound worse. Winter is like that. So we find ways to maximize our time in the sun when it’s here. To make the most of the opportunities we get.

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One way to do that is to design our lives around maximizing sunlight. It’s a valuable resource, and one that’s important to our lives. But maybe its absence is as important as its presence. It could be the lack of sun rays that drives us to appreciate and search for sunshine while it’s here.

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It’s important to create space within our homes that fill us with light. Places of comfort and peace. Spaces to share with our loved ones and let our lives unfold in. These are the places that make us feel most at home. Where we find enough sunshine and enough courage to fill us up and face the winter again.

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