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Our homes are a canvas that serve as the backdrop to our lives. It is a place for your family to come together, to share in the good times and the bad. Home is more than a place, it’s a feeling. It’s a feeling you can take with you, no matter where you go or how far away from your family you might be. Your home is a place to create space, and fill it with love so that your family is never far away.

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Moving away from your family is a right of passage when you turn 18, but as an adult it can feel more like a loss. For many of us, we rely on our families for comfort and support. Our relationships are strengthened and defined by the day to day interactions and the yearly holidays are a bonus. However, when you no longer live a 5 minute drive from your core family members, things can change a bit. Having room in your new home to host your family can make all the difference.  

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Before the renovations, this home existed in a true New England fashion, broken up into seperate spaces. These smaller areas were easier to heat when we were relying on fire places, but today with home efficiency and new heating systems, it doesn’t quite make sense to keep everything so divided. So it was time to tear down the walls.

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The result is a kitchen large enough to hang out in and cook a big meal for the whole extended family. Which is connected to the dining room, and the living room, keeping everyone together without feeling cramped. Creating enough space for the turkey to roast, the family to gather and the love to grow.

kitchen design medallion cabinetry shaker style wolf stove

Coming from a large family outside of Milford, this family made the move to Cape Ann a couple of years ago. They fell in love with the area and it’s beauty. But it was hard to leave their extended family and neighborhood behind. Moving is as much about the community as it is the actual house. The parts you leave behind, the ones you take with you, and the new people you collect.

Being able to host large family gatherings means maintaining the close relationships you hold near and dear to your heart. If you aren’t going to live near your family, create a space where you can host them all. Which can be more challenging the larger your family grows, but that’s a welcomed challenge.

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