Created by VERSATEX, the Stealth Trim System is designed with the builder in mind. Our system, which features Cornerboards, Skirtboards, and Window Surrounds, will allow for faster and more aesthetically pleasing installations time after time. The 3/4” pockets and now 1” pockets on our 6/4” boards, will accommodate any siding product including fiber cement, cedar, and foam backed vinyl.

The Stealth Skirtboard is the answer to meeting the manufacturer’s 6” ground or deck clearance for fiber cement sidings as well as composite and wood sidings.

Enough of the party line, what is this stuff really all about? 

Well, there are all types of boards available to make life easier or different..... depending on your approach.  This stuff makes some of those more tedious jobs easy and makes other jobs seem redundant and boring.  I can not attest to using the boards myself but I can tell you that they are a funky topic for discussion.

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