February 11, 2021 2 min read

Our homes often get lost in the hustle of everyday life. If they do their jobs well, you might not even notice them. But all homes need a little TLC, and if you've been looking for ways to show your home a little love without undertaking a major renovation, here are 10 places you could start. 

  1. Start your spring cleaning early

  2. What home doesn't need and love a good cleaning? Get started today by clearing out some clutter and giving your home a good baseline clean. Getting a head start on your spring cleaning means that you'll be able to make that much progress when you're ready to jump in full force this spring.

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  3. A new coat of paint.

  4. A coat of paint can go a long way. Whether it's interior or exterior. It can help refresh your space and give you an opportunity for a fresh start.

  5. Create an accent wall

  6. Accent walls are a great way to direct where people will place their attention in your home. Some people like shiplap, but you can create an accent wall with anything. A different color of paint, a mural, or even a curated collection of art and knick knacks.

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  7. Create a gallery wall

  8. This is a great way to add some artistic flair and show off your loved ones. Pictures in your home can help make everything feel more cozy and personal.

  9. Change your hardware

  10. Maybe your hardware is old and tired, or maybe you are just looking to change the theme up. Changing the hardware on your cabinetry, doors or even your windows can be an easy way to refresh your home. To really mix it up, check out the new Emtek Select hardware choices, where you can mix and match your finish and textures.

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  11. Update your windows with replacement windows

  12. This is definitely a bigger item, however maybe not as big as you think. If your windows qualify for replacement windows, you may be able to upgrade without breaking the bank and without tearing apart your walls.

  13. Lighting

  14. Good lighting in your home is so important. Whether it's making sure you show up on the Zoom call or when you are ready to quiet down with a good book, the right light can make or break it. Especially in the winter in New England when it gets dark so early. 

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  15. Swap out your doors

  16. Changing doors can also be a good way to refresh your space. A new front door can give you a whole new look, and even your interior doors can help adjust the style or theme of your home. It might be a small change, but small changes can make a big difference.

  17. Peel & Stick wallpaper or tiles

  18. If you are looking for a quick project to make big changes, look at peel and stick wallpaper or tiles. They have some really great designs out there, and they can add a lot of color and style to your space with minimal expense.

  19. Floating Shelves

  20. Everyone can always use more shelves, and floating shelves can add a lot of style while creating a bit more storage space for you. Think of it as form and function working together, which is always a winning combination.

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