Marvin Architectural Hardware

You want your home to express your style and your standards, right down to the last detail. That's why you selected Marvin windows and doors; their design, construction and performance have long made them the best value on the market.

Marvin Architectural Hardware offers a collection of designer handles with distinctive design choices that complement your specific architectural style and vision.

Our manufacturers are known for craftsmanship, design, attention to detail and enduring quality. And just as importantly, Marvin Architectural Hardware is engineered to fit and operate smoothly and flawlessly with your custom made Marvin product.
Marvin's durable and elegant hardware is engineered to work seamlessly with our windows and doors, and comes in a variety of standard finishes. If your project requires a more distinctive hardware design, the Marvin Architectural Hardware series offers designer handles with distinctive looks that complement your unique architectural style and complete your vision.

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