February 09, 2016 3 min read

 Guest Post by Ella Andrews

Every now and then homes do go under a renovation and their owners always seek to add something new to the mix. Occasionally, this results in clutter, which later becomes an obstacle to perfect living, even if you invented the best room designs that interior design has ever seen. What home owners rarely think about are space savers. With enough strategically places space savers, your room can look almost unused and they will amaze you with their practicality. Not to mention that with less things rolling on the floors, house cleaning becomes a simple job.  And here are some tips to achieve just that.

  • Add shelves

Shelves are often overlooked by interior designers as they get in the way of the overall scheme of the home’s theme. But that is impractical, as a single shelf can free you up the entire surface of a bar counter or a coffee table. With a few strategically placed shelves, all other surfaces will be completely free and up to you to decide how to be used. And no, they don’t necessarily have to be book shelves. Shelves can contain other things as well.

  • Basket cabinets

This is both a stylish and a practical design choice. You can have baskets inside cabinets to organise most belongings and free up cupboard space, or even wardrobe space if you make such a design choice for your bedroom.


  • Utilise drawers

Drawers are also overlooked, but actually you can place them in a variety of places as they can fit practically everywhere. Say you are sitting on your table, waiting for dinner and you want utensils. Pull the drawer under the table and voila! Everything will be handy and within reach with enough drawers. Want a clean space in front of your front door? Well how about installing a drawer for the shoes! You want more space in your kid’s room? A drawer under the bed will give them a place to store their toys. And this will make cleaning the rooms so much easier.

  • Racks and stands

Your kitchen especially can benefit a lot from these. You can have towel racks, wine racks, lid racks, pot and pan racks, and so on. And stands can be used for herbs, spices, cookbooks, and even cleaning products so that you always have something in hand when you are charged with oven cleaning and you don’t have to rummage through cabinets to locate your cleaning tools and supplies.

  • Space saving furniture

Some interior designers have actually thought about this and have come up with ingenious ways to combine furniture with space savers. Like an armchair equipped with a bookcase for your ultimate reading experience. Or a table with plates in the drawers underneath. And how about a bed with a blanket storage? The imagination has no limits and these people show it.

You can think of your own ways to save space around the house as well. Anybody can be creative given the opportunity, and this is your chance to shine. Make the house easier to home clean and with no obstacles to trip you while treading about, have everything easy to find and out of your way and your home’s interior will be nigh perfect.

By Ella Andrews

Cleaner Hounslow

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