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Renovating any space can feel like a daunting task. Particularly the kitchen. It’s such an important space in every home, and there are so many decisions to make. It is a big undertaking. But like any project, it gets done one step at a time. The first thing to do is to set goals for yourself. What do you want from this kitchen? How do you want to use the space? What elements are most important to you? The answers to these questions will set the path for your project. You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want.

quartz counter cubitac kitchen

For this home, it was about creating a space to entertain your friends and family. Building a home your kids want to come back to, and want to bring their friends and grandkids back too. Along with a classic stove hood. These elements are what set the tone for this space. And the results exceeded expectations.

farmhouse sink classic stove hood cubitac

The design process took a while. At one point, due to design issues, the homeowner almost conceded the hood to her stove. It can be tempting to compromise on everything. It’s so easy to bottle up your desires and disappointment for the sake of the bigger picture. You tell yourself that you don’t need anything special and that you’re happy just to be getting a new kitchen. It’s important to remember the difference between wants and needs. It’s ok to want specific things, even if you don’t need them.  This is a time to go for what you want. Fortunately, this homeowner recognized she would regret not going for the style she wanted.

gas stove classic hood cubitac

Renovating your kitchen is a big deal, it’s not the type of thing you plan on doing over. It’s important to know what you want and get it right the first time. We may not always get the things we want, and that’s ok. But some things are worth fighting for. Sometimes, it’s ok not to compromise.

orchid engineered quartz cubitac marble backsplash

When you walk into this home, it feels open and lively. It’s hard to imagine it any other way. The entryway to the dining room was widened to create a sense of space. On the other side, a sliding glass door replaced a double hung window and door. This helped develop clear sightlines and a sense of openness without having to tear down any walls completely. The dining room is still a separate space, but by widening the opening, the area flows more freely.

cubitac kitchen toaster oven flour sugar orchid home quartz marble

Each part of this kitchen renovation was locally sourced. This home creates a sense of community for those that live here, and that is a feeling that extends beyond property lines. Buying your products in town helps support your local economy, which keeps money in your community and helps community members support their families. It’s the cycle that keeps on giving. Sometimes the things you want most are just around the corner.

kitchen overall butcher block cubitac quartz marble backsplash

Cubitac Cabinetry, Sofia Door Style, Latte White with Pewter Highlight

Carrara Marble Backsplash by Cape Ann Tile


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