Each piece in this home was chosen with great care and much scrutiny. As an artist, the homeowner wanted to visualize the plan for her barn remodel in a physical sense. So she decided to make a model of her dream kitchen-to-be. This miniature model was completed with all of the scaled dimensions and details her new home would have. And then she brought it to life.

barn renovation kitchen island

Today, the life size version of her mini model dream kitchen is as close to perfect as I’ve seen.  The property was bought as an old colonial home with a barn that had fallen into disrepair. After a few years of living in the main house, they decided it was time to move. So they started barn renovations and sold the main house.

kitchen sink barn renovation

This was certainly no small task. While many of us dream of living in a refinished barn, few of us are able to follow through with those dreams. Converting a barn into a home is no small feat.  The family chose to keep as many characteristics of the building’s former barn life as they could. They preserved the open floor plan and ordered custom windows designed to look like the original barn stalls.

As the family moves forward with the renovations, they are taking their time and making careful choices, which is a lifetime lesson in patience. It may not seem like it, but picking the right paint and hardware are defining characteristics that can have a huge effect on the feel of a home. There are definite benefits to making all the choices at once and getting the job done. But sometimes it’s important to take the time to live in a space and discover what you really want.  With a little bit of time and a lot of patience, you too, can bring life to every detail of your dream home.

barn renovation kitchen living room


barn renovation kitchen cabinetry 3 drawer base single door

barn renovation soapstone sink undersink cabinetry


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