August 31, 2017 2 min read

For most of us, it’s easy for things to become chaotic and disorganized. Particularly now, as the long summer days grow shorter. We come back to our homes and realize that we’ve been so busy having fun that we have let things not be in their “places” and maybe those items have turned into a small pile….or two...

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It’s easy to do, but it’s even easier if things don’t have a place. When clients come in and and want a new kitchen, we are excited to help make the transformation. One of the things we will discuss is where everything will go. We like to make sure there is a place for your cooking utensils. With proper design we can create a space for everything you need in the kitchen, and we want to ensure that happens in the planning stages. So you don’t get into your kitchen and find you don’t have a good place for the plates. This is a concept that can be easily transcribed to the rest of your home. Having a place for things makes it easier to get organized, and to stay that way.


It can be easy to fall off track. Particularly in the fun and carefree days of summer. As the new school year sets in, it’s time to get organized again. If your systems weren’t perfect before, don’t go right back to the old way. Like unpacking and repacking your suitcase and finding more room, you can find better systems for your home too. Even if all that means is putting things away differently. If it wasn’t perfect before, don’t be afraid to look for a better way.

5 Ways to Organize

1.  New shelving or cabinetry. If your things don’t have places, get more places.

2.  Create a nook. This can be an easy way to separate space. Whether it’s for drinking coffee or doing homework, or both. Separate spaces don’t always have to use walls. Rearrange furniture and give one area a separate feel.

3.  Look around your home. Are there any areas that are being underutilized? Ask your friends too. Sometimes it can be hard to see your own space from a different perspective. Get into some of that untapped potential.

4.  Create cubbies with hardware, hooks and shelving. This can help keeps things organized, or at least off the floor.

5.  Clean out the junk. Sometimes, the best way to organize is to throw things away.

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