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Home is a place to gather, and also a work of art.

This New England seaside home is a place of peace. Creating a home involves so many forces, with so many decisions to make and styles to choose from. The results are often a unique work of art for your family and friends. There is nothing quite like seeing these unique and beautiful spaces come together to become the landscape of your memories.

Eclipse Frameless Cabinetry

This kitchen chose frameless cabinetry, a more modern style. The vertical wood grain in Natural Elm adds an element of depth and reflects the colors of our rocky shores.

Eclipse Frameless Cabinetry

This kitchen is perfect for hosting. The large island in the center serves as both a prep area and seating for friends and family.

Eclipse Frameless Cabinetry

The sink in the island portrays as the star of the show. The bronze fixtures draw your eye as a piece of functional art in the home.

Eclipse Frameless Cabinetry

Meanwhile, the double ovens and fridge live on the edge, allowing for plenty of storage space to keep all your tools at hand when working in the kitchen.

Eclipse Frameless Cabinetry

When designing a space this like, one of the most important aspects is knowing what you want and trusting what you like. It can be easy to get lost in a sea of indecision and endless styles. Knowing what you want is a beacon in all the fog. It helps guide every decision in the same direction. And you're left with a beautiful space for your family and friends, a work of art in your everyday life.

Eclipse Frameless Cabinetry

Eclipse Cabinetry, Frameless

Door Style: Metropolitan Vertical Grain Door, Finish: Natural Elm TFL, Species: Thermally Fused Laminate/MDF

Door Style: Metropolitan Painted Door, Finish: Repose Gray Paint Species: Maple/MDF


Work done by Dave Browne

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