February 19, 2018 1 min read

Nothing speaks to warm weather like late summer nights on the porch. Sitting with friends and family, watching the last light of the day disappear behind the horizon and the feel of that cool summer breeze. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.  Although we may be in the dead of winter, summer isn't really that far away. Installing interchangeable panels from Upstate means you can get out there even sooner. Get started on building or remodeling your porch to make the most of this year!  

upstate door panel porch

The porches on this home were originally open, which made them great places to sit, but with limitations. Addingpanels from Upstate Door to the porches on this Rockport home was a game changer. The sheltered space to entertain allows you to really enjoy every last drop of summer.

By installing interchangeable panels, these homeowners can switch out the screens for single pane glass panels, making the dream last even longer. By adding a heating element such as a space heater or installing proper ventilation for a fireplace, a screened in porch can be used for most of the year.

P Bevan Buildersdid an excellent job adding the paneling while staying true to the architectural styling of the home. Many houses in the New England area have a history worth holding on to. It’s often a huge challenge to find the right builders to preserve the architectural details that makes this area so unique. With proper craftsmanship and the right product knowledge, these homes can be updated without losing any of the character that makes them unique.

upstate door panel porch

 upstate door panel porch

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