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As we grow and move throughout life, we connect with a common goal. Our paths may be unique, but the search for our sense of belonging, for home, connects us all. One of the reasons home may be so hard to find, for some of us, is because it can’t really be defined. Maybe it shouldn’t be. Home is a changing ideal.

As a kid, home meant a place to come after school, fight with your siblings and then build pillow forts with them. As we grow older, we begin to shape our own home and even our sense of family evolves. Our choices and the people we love define the homes we create and search for.

kitchen overview white cabinetry barn door

This Gott Street house was once home to a family of shipbuilders, and the rest of the street was filled with their relatives. It used to be more common than not to live with you family in clusters. Now, as we travel further to identify our own sense of home, many are just as likely to live across the country as down the road. Today the Gott’s have been replaced by many other families, but their history remains.

kitchen hutch exposed beam white medallion cabinetry blue vase

The home was originally used as a place to store the ships the family built, which required more open space than the traditional homes of the time. The ceilings are higher than most of older homes in the area and the downstairs isn’t sectioned in the traditional manner. Allowing for the open space and exposed beam look we all dream about.

exposed beams transition new england white cabinetry

Almost like a window to the old world, you can feel the only New England style in the home. It emanates from the floorboards to the exposed beams.

kitchen white cabinetry nashville fruitbowl

More than ever our traditional view of the home is changing. As we move through our lives we pick up different pieces that find their way into our homes. Collections from our past that hold a place in our future.

barn door closed

There could hardly be a home more suited for a barn door. It speaks to both the history of the house and the family's. Behind the door is a pantry and laundry room. As it slides open, it doesn’t interfere with the flow of the space and continues to add the style. A true example of when form and function perfectly align.

barn door hardware open laundry sunflower rug

The clear glass doors on the wall cabinets allow for the dishes to shine through and add a pop of color and contrast. 

clear glass cabinetry white flowers

This sink overlooks the backyard, a sort of shared space with the neighbors. It adds to the feeling of a close knit community that still exists, even though all the residents are no longer related by blood. As our sense of family evolves, communities change and our search for home continues. Over time, we collect things and people to add to our lives. A collection we can be thankful for and call Home.

kitchen sink backyard window


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