Things for Remodeling Customers to Think About

by Ryan Banks December 20, 2012

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By: Berit Griffin   Published: December 19, 2012


Your customers would agree that remodeling is certainly worth the trouble in the end, but the process might drive them (or you, for that matter) batty! To help keep everyone sane, MSN Real Estate offered some valuable tips to those about to go through this process.

Here are some things they want your customers to remember. Do you agree?

  • Vessel sinks look chic in shelter magazines, but they are expensive and require a lot of thought with installation. Is there another stylish sink option that might look just as good in a new bathroom?
  • Windows are a subject near and dear to our hearts! When remodeling, it’s important to choose the highest quality of windows for performance and beauty. But MSN Real Estate reminds us that you also need to think about the placement of the windows. Your customers need to be mindful about everything from “Is the couch going to block the windows?” to “Will I have enough privacy from the neighbors?”.
  • Marble countertops and dark hardwood floors both look beautiful, but they are high maintenance. Marble stains and while dark flooring might hide dirt, beware if you have a pet (or blond hair!). Are they prepared to be vigilant about maintenance and cleaning?
  • For the kitchen sink, think hard about a farmhouse sink. As gorgeous as they are, they can be deep. Can people wash dishes comfortably without breaking them?
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Ryan Banks
Ryan Banks

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