Raising a family is a lot of things, some would even argue that it's everything. Kids and pets and friends and extended family, there is great beauty in the chaos of this life. However as the kids grow up and move out, we are often left with big unused spaces and it becomes time to downsize. For many this can be no easy task, but after the hard fought battle of decluttering our homes, organization and minimalism can bring a kind of peace you had previously forgotten. 

Going from a big family house to a small home can be a challenge. It’s important for you to take stock of what’s really important. What are the things in your life that you really can’t live without. The forever things. Keeping only the few things that bring beauty to your life and smile to your face can make it easier to stay organized. Not to mention how much easier it is to clean, and keep clean, smaller spaces.


Going minimalist doesn’t have to mean you shave your head and move into a monastery. This home was designed with entertaining in mind. This open kitchen design has a skylight above the sink to keep things bright. Since it is next to the living room, nobody has to miss out while getting the snacks or refiling their drink. 


The new trend from Marie Kondo to de-clutter your home can help bring organization to your life. Her methods may be a bit more extreme than you are willing to go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t thin out your belongings. It can be hard to separate from the memories and sentimental attachments, but sometimes you just need to clear everything out

Countertops: Absolute Black Honed Finished.

Cabinetry: Medallion Inset, White








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