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June 09, 2016 1 min read

There are many things in life we cannot change. There are also things we can change, if only we could see them. Often time we accept the mess in the basement, our disheveled attic space or a shed (that should really be torn down, if we are being honest with ourselves).


rnr shed dog

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We see these things every day. We become accustomed to them in our lives, and we even sometimes find them to be endearing. The garden shed that your grandparents used, which is actually a safety hazard. The college text books in the basement, covered in mildew. These pieces of our lives that are unquestionably there.

But what happens when you question it, when you actually take a closer look?

 open shed sitting lanters

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It's hard to change your perspective, to see things in a new light. especially when you’ve built up an accepted idea. “The shed belongs in that corner of the yard and there is nothing I can do about it” Except that isn’t true. 


glass shed day bed

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Often time while we are busy dreaming of bigger homes and more spacious lifestyle, we miss the opportunities we have around us. Shed projects are often easier than you think and a cost effective way to create more space around your home. They make for great work spaces, keeping the mess out of your home. So often these areas fall into a disarray, but they don’t have to. Sometimes a simple clean up can go a long way. 

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