Designing From Your Kitchen's Power Spot

July 18, 2013 2 min read

Leah Bonarrigo from Grand Banks 

Designing your kitchen can be an overwhelming process at first.  There are so many decisions to make.  

  • If you live in an older home, do you open the kitchen up to the rest of the house or add an addition on to maximize your space?  
  • Do you leave the kitchen the same footprint and just update what you have and make it more efficient?  
  • When you are building a new home, how big should the kitchen be?  
  • Should it be open plan?  
Well, there is a very specific place that I like to start and it begins with one question; What is your power spot?

The definition of a power spot is a 24" - 36" stretch of space in your current kitchen where most of the food prep takes place.  People by nature are creatures of habit and habits can be pretty powerful.  Do you have a specific seat at your dining room table?  Do you board the same car on the commuter train every morning? When someone sits in your seat at the dining room table or the car on the commuter train that you usually sit in is full, how do you feel?  Lost, awkward, just a weird feeling in general to be in a “new environment.”  

This is how we feel about our power spot as well.  If someone is working alongside you in the kitchen and invades your power spot, it is harder to accomplish your tasks.  If dirty dishes are in the way on your power spot, it is impossible to start cooking or to start a project until that space is clear and prepped for your new task.  

What may be a power spot for you can be a completely different space for someone else, which is why when you are working in someone else's kitchen and you would normally prep dinner to the right of the stove, but the kitchen you are using only has 12 inches of space to the right side of the stove, the process can be difficult and force you out of your comfort zone.  If this experience has ever happen to you, you will understand exactly what a power spot is and identify where yours is.

The good news is, that once your power spot has been identified, we can use it as a tool to design your kitchen around.  The power spot is like the hub of the kitchen and it’s connection to the other areas of the kitchen are like the spokes of a bicycle tire.  We can begin to customize the space around your power spot to make the kitchen function just for you.  It a matrix in which layout choices and organization choices begin to fall into place and we know that they are there for a reason. So, I ask you, what is your power spot and how can we improve it?

Leah Bonarrigo

Grand Banks 978-281-2421

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