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This thing is cool, and geeky, and not for every budget.

Meet the first ever learning thermostat.  Nest is designed to be installed in your house and in a week program itself based on your preferred heating and cooling needs. 

Given the amount of money everyone spends heating and cooling their home if this thing works as advertised the initial cost of $250 will be quickly made back.

Brought to you by the same people that designed and engineered the Ipod.

Until we learned that they control 50% of our energy bill.

As much as the refrigerator, lighting, TVs, computers, and stereos combined. In fact, 10% of all U.S. energy is controlled by thermostats. That’s the equivalent of 1.7 billion barrels of oil per year. But in most homes the thermostat is an unassuming beige box. It doesn’t matter if it’s a manual or complicated programmable thermostat, we do with it what we’ve always done: get up, walk over to it, and change the temperature. Every few hours. Every day. 1,500 times a year.  We still try to save energy, of course. We turn down the thermostat when we can, we don’t set it too high or low. But we’re human. We forget. Until we see our energy bills.

We designed Nest to learn from you. That’s why today 99% of Nests have schedules that work with their owner’s lives. And when life doesn’t go according to schedule, Nest can help.

Forgot to turn down the thermostat before you left the house? Auto-Away automatically saves energy while you’re out. Dreading the summer heat? Airwave™ cuts down on your cooling costs. Coming home early from a weekend away? Use your phone to turn down the temp on your way.

And as Nest learns about your preferences and your home, you can learn from Nest. Energy History gives you newfound insight into your energy use, Nest’s custom tips help you save even more, and the Nest Leaf guides you to energy savings.

It’s simple.
You’ll spend $30,000 heating and cooling your home over the 20-year life of your system.

In that time, the $249 Nest Learning Thermostat, which takes 30 minutes to install and programs itself in a week, can save you $6,000.

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