Survey says “give us crown moldings”

June 06, 2013 1 min read

By: Susan Brady, HousingZone, May 20, 2013

The 2012 NAHB study “What Home Buyers Really Want” shows a decided preference for crown moldings. Sixty-two percent of respondents rated crown moldings the third most essential decorative feature in the home, after ceiling fans and built-in shelving.

Consumers’ desire for crown moldings has grown steadily over the years. In the 2004 NAHB study, 51 percent of respondents rated them as “essential or desirable.” In 2007, that number jumped to 61 percent. 
Anita Piety at Fypon, a manufacturer of low-maintenance urethane millwork, notes that the wide variety of molding designs and sizes available makes it easy to coordinate them with architectural styles. Fypon offers more than 80 different designs from simple dentil to ornate Florentine crown molding. These include traditional as well as miterless systems that require only simple straight cuts. 
“The crown molding can be combined with decorative inside and outside corner pieces and divider blocks to create a stunning accent in any room — all without mitering,” says Piety.


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