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Buying a home is full of excitement and unknowns. Some houses are in better shape than others, or were built with more mindfulness than others. It can take real talent to be able to see a home and envision your future when the blueprints don’t line up with your dreams.  So you have to sit with it. You have to wade through the small rooms, weird cabinetry and awkward spaces. Not everyone has the power to see that vision. But those that do can create a beautiful home from the most unlikely places.


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This home was pretty typical as far as New England goes. There was a sunroom on the back that felt more like an afterthought, but had great light. The kitchen was in the right location, but cut off from everything else, with a small dining area tucked in the corner. But with a little bit of vision, you can imagine so much more. A powerful vision can tear down walls and create space where there seemingly was none. And all of the sudden, it’s a beautiful home. 

Shiloh Semi Custom Cabinetry Kitchen Island

The first step was to make the kitchen bigger. Whether you are hosting parties or just making meals for your family, you need a little elbow room to work. We were able to add a large island by tearing down the walls. The island still acts as a barrier separating the kitchen area from the dining and living room, but it doesn’t feel closed off. 

Shiloh Semi Custom Cabinetry Kitchen

Next was the sunroom. By fully closing it in we were able to create an office space and a bar area for more storage. It’s now a seamless extension of the home and lends more light to the rest of the spaces than before. 

Shiloh Semi Custom Cabinetry Dining and Sun Room

What started as a simple home with too many walls has now been transformed. In breaking the barriers between the kitchen and other living spaces, we created an open concept home. The easy flow of the home allows everyone to share in the moments, without delaying dinner. Sometimes, what we see doesn't line up with our dreams, but don't let that stop you. A little bit of vision can go a long way.

 Marvin Windows Sunroom

Shiloh Semi Custom Cabinetry

Hanover Door Style
Perimeter: Rift Cut White Oak Almond Stain
Island + Bars: Maple Painted Beige

Work done by Boyd Builders

  • Shiloh Semi Custom Cabinetry and Shelving
  • Shiloh Semi Custom Cabinetry Fridge
  • Shiloh Semi Custom Cabinetry
  • Shiloh Semi Custom Cabinetry Bar Area
  • Shiloh Semi Custom Cabinetry with Marvin Windows
  • Shiloh Semi Custom Cabinetry Floating Shelves
  • Custom Mantile

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August 08, 2023

Is the range hood also by Shiloh?

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