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This home was built in 1920 and this family moved in in 1988. While they always loved the home, their kitchen had always left something to be desired. The walls kept things partitioned off in the standard New England style. The kitchen, dining room and living room were all carefully partitioned off. After 30 years, it took vision and a sledge hammer to help break out of their old routines and open up to a whole new world.
 kitchen peninsula medallion cabinetry modern bar stools


Removing the wall between the kitchen and dining areas means there is room for a peninsula. This adds to seating in the kitchen and extra storage space. Not to mention the kitchen is now able to share in the light let in through the dining room windows.


kitchen overall medallion cabinetry


Taking down the walls allows for a more open and shared space. This means that spending time preparing a meal in the kitchen no longer isolates you from the rest of the home.


kitchen countertops medallion cabinetry open shelving


After 30 years of living in a home, things become instinctual. Your patterns are set, and it’s hard to break out of that kind of rhythm. Over time, morning routines become part of your muscle memory. The floor knows exactly where you like to stand while you boil water and ground the coffee beans. The stairs remember which foot you put first. You wish you had a bigger kitchen, but accept that yours will never be that way. 

 kitchen mixed textures medallion cabinetry shaker style


It’s easy to get stuck in our patterns and routines. It’s how we break out of them that allows for the most growth and excitement. When we keep doing the same things over and over again there can be no evolution. But when we take a step back and call on a bit of vision, we can blow the whole damn thing wide open. Sometimes it can be hard to let our homes grow, to expand into the dreamy places we never thought they could be. But sit tight, and have a little vision. Your home can take you further than you might once have thought.

Cabinetry by Medallion
Work done by Heirloom Builders

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