Above all the rest, our homes are an oasis. A place of comfort, respite and peace. A place we go to collect ourselves and seek respite from the chaos of our lives. While all of our homes may seem like they are on a proverbial hill top, some actually are, and homes like this have the views to prove it.

kitchen layout soapstone counters

Recently, this kitchen was renovated to better incorporate those views into her home. “It used to be this weird shaped L thing” the homeowner says of her former kitchen. It was small, cramped and cut off from the rest of the home.

serving bar fish plant wine cooler

Now the kitchen center around an island, opens to the living/dining areas, and then to the expansive views beyond. The space is much more inviting and open. It's almost universal that people want to hang out in the kitchen, and this kitchen is the perfect place for that.

kitchen faucet soapstone counter

The kitchen centers around an island where the sink resides, along with the dishwasher, microwave and other cabinets for storage. Seating along the backside of the island that opens to the living room means you don’t have to be cut off from your family and friends while working in the kitchen.

kitchen island medallion cabinetry open layout

Among the abundant storage around the island, is an under the counter microwave. This is a great way to bring the convenience of a microwave to your kitchen, if you don't have the wall or counter space for one. 

under the counter microwave

The white tile backsplash allows for the pattern behind the stove to add some color pop while still keeping things clean and simple. The soapstone counters offer an inviting contrast to the Divinity Classic painted finish on the Medallion Cabinetry.

tile backsplash blue pattern above gas stove

Once, these owners considered selling, as many homeowners often do. However when the offer came in she couldn't go through with it. She couldn't part with the oasis she built for her family and friends, and rightfully so. While we may often take our spaces for granted, you can never put a price on the feeling of home.

chair living room view

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