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A home isn’t an inanimate object. A home is a living concept. A home grows and changes with you over time. Often homes see many different families and people throughout their lives. This home has seen many generations and many styles have come and gone. When it came time to bring new life into this kitchen, these homeowners brought in some new style too.

medallion cabinetry flat panel sea salt painted finish floating shelves

This home was built in 1792 and has seen its share of history. Often when we live in these older homes we struggle with balancing style and mixing the old with the new.

medallion cabinetry bella flat panel door style sea salt finish


These homeowners decided to update their kitchen with clean modern lines. Because of the lower ceilings, they didn’t want any wall cabinets. In smaller spaces, wall cabinets can make spaces feel even smaller. It meant pairing down some of their kitchen wares, but they were able to make the best of the pantry and not miss the lost storage space. The open shelves add a bit of storage and style to the space.

With double ovens and a freestanding island, this kitchen appears small but packs a mighty punch.

double ovens medallion cabinetry floating shelves

Open shelving isn’t for everyone. Putting your things on display means they are prone to collecting dust and need to match the style of the kitchen. Often our everyday use items don’t fit in those categories. When it’s done right, it adds a lot to form and function. These floating shelves do just that.

wood island floating shelves medallion cabinetry


Every home is different and every family that lives there brings something new to the space. When a home has existed for a couple hundred years, there is a lot of built up character. When we occupy these spaces it falls on us to decide which parts of that character to highlight, which parts to make new, and which ones we keep tucked away in a corner. Memories are not forgotten. Finding that balance of what to keep after such a long period of growth is the work of good design. It’s what turns a house into a home.

medallion cabinetry floating shelves sea salt finish

Medallion Cabinetry

Bella Flat Panel Door Style

Sea Salt White Painted Finish

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