November 16, 2017 1 min read

Moving can be hard, and moving to a city you’ve never been to in your life can be an even greater challenge. It's the beginning of a new adventure, and a new home.

When these homeowners came to town they wanted to be near the ocean, that was their only requirement. A new job meant relocating to an area they had never been to before, but Gloucester was up for the challenge. After a few showings and misconceptions with the realtor they came across a condo by Good Harbor Beach, and knew it was the spot.

The place had been neglected. It was a “sometimes” home for the previous owner and so the space left much to be desired. The home was riddled with water damage and the kitchen had enough counter space to make toast, but not much more.

As when you move anywhere, it’s always important to carry a piece of home with you. These homeowners used a piece of reclaimed barn board for the bar. The wormy chestnut adds a warm contrast to the patterned granite counter tops.

Removing some of the wall cabinets helps the room feel more spacious. Creating the peninsula with bar seating allows for more storage beneath, and company in the kitchen.

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