November 30, 2017 2 min read

Holidays are all about balance. Having pie for breakfast and salad for lunch, splitting time between family members, and trying to make sure you don’t lose your mind. As another winter takes hold and the cold weather sets in, it’s easy to dream about escape. About the hot sun on your face, white sandy beaches and the freedom a tropical escape could bring to your life. We’ve all had this dream.


There is a downside to carefree freedom. Choosing escape means missing out. It means not being a part of the celebrations, home cooked meals, the time with the people you love, and the memories they make. Sure, the holidays can be stressful and chaotic. But sometimes we need a little chaos to thrive.



For the years when we can’t escape the madness, sometime we require a bit more space in the kitchen. This large kitchen has a prep sink and plenty of counter space for when everyone wants to help or when they just want to hang out.



Before the renovation this kitchen was very small and it was far away from the formal dining room.  You had to walk from the kitchen through the front sitting room past the front door to get to the dining room.  In the traditional style of old New England homes, this one was highly compartmentalized. While this made sense back in the day to help preserve heat, it’s not very functional today and isn’t great for large family gatherings. The goal was to open the spaces up so that they were not so closed off, and create a larger kitchen space that is better suited for entertaining.



Behind the island seating is a bar hutch, inviting guests to make themselves at home. The 6 burner range top stove and dual ovens will put to rest any squabbles for cooking space.


viking 6 burner stove medallion cabinetry


Having the space to comfortably entertain our families is something that really comes in handy this time of year, but it’s a year round treat. Being able to host friends and family throughout the year to strengthen our community is something we could all use more of. Creating the space for this large kitchen is more than just about room for the turkey. It’s creating a space to make memories.


Medallion Cabinetry - Platinum Inset Line, Beaded face frame, concealed hinges, and 2 custom colors.  White Dove Benjamin Moore on the perimeter and  Nantucket Gray Benjamin Moore on the island.

Work done by Millriver Carpenters

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