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Starting over always comes with a range and roller coaster of emotions. It can be an exciting and exhilarating opportunity. It can be daunting and overwhelming. It can be both at the same time. The best part about starting fresh is that you know more. Experience is the best teacher and your best friend when it comes to design. A new home is a  blank canvas, and it’s the best place for you to create the best parts of your home and then some.

shiloh kitchen cabinetry soft white finish

This is an opportunity to make good use of knowing what you like and what you don’t like. Understanding your decisions a little better each time you make them. Part of that opportunity is taking your time to make the right decision, looking at all your choices and moving forward with what works best for you. Especially when it comes to creating a home, there are so many options. It’s possible to find the exact right styles for you, if you are willing to take your time and search. 

shiloh kitchen cabinetry soft white finish range top stove microwave vent

The design in the kitchen is a little different. Instead of going the traditional route with an island, we opted for a peninsula with seating on the edge. This leaves the kitchen open with plenty of room for everyone to help cook for the family meals. It creates more space and flow in a room that could otherwise feel cramped. 

shiloh kitchen cabinetry soft white finish lazy susan corner

The side door was formerly closed off. By taking down a wall and making use of a full light door, we were able to bring in more light. The result is a beautiful open space kitchen that was hiding there all along. The bay window above the sink also bring the light in. Creating a large eat in kitchen for hosting family and friends. 

shiloh kitchen cabinetry soft white finish eat in kitchen hosting sink window

The more you can take time to wait for the decisions you know you are going to be happy with, the better off you’ll be. When starting fresh, take every opportunity the blank canvas has to offer. It’s the place for the best parts of yourself to come out in your home.



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