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Time has a way of passing. The kids grow up, and we grow with them. Our homes are not exempt from that. They grow and change with our families. Adapting to our needs and catering to our wants. Living in a home with two small boys is a challenge, but many of us live and love it. However, there are some ways to make it easier.

sink kitchen white cabinetry

This home used to have a small galley kitchen. The entry wound around a tight corner and it was completely cut off from the other living spaces. The homeowners almost didn’t buy the house because the kitchen really didn’t suit their needs. But the house boasted enough of the other characteristics that makes an ideal home for them. It’s located in a great neighborhood, with a yard and is only a short commute to the city. So, they decided they could live with the kitchen for a little while.

stove 3 drawer base pulls

So they bought the home. As their family grew over the next eight years, it became more and more difficult to squeeze everyone into the kitchen. Kitchen gatherings are so central to any household, whether for a party, or just a morning cup of coffee while you go over the coming day with your loved ones. Clearly it was time for an upgrade.  

The new kitchen boasts plenty of storage and wide open space. The pass-through window opens to the living room, so being in the kitchen no longer means you don’t know what’s going on in any other part of the house.  

roll out drawers pantry bar area

What used to be a cramped dark hallway was transformed into a bar area, with plenty of pantry storage thanks to the roll out drawers.

bar area pantry hallway

The barn door that leads to the bathroom is a great functional space saver, while still adding to the style and design of the whole space.  

barn door hardware bathroom

It’s amazing how a home can change. Even after living in this one for eight years, it now feels completely different because of all the wide open space. It can be so easy to become used to our homes as structures, as immovable beasts. It can be a challenge to see it in a new light, but when you are willing to knock down a few walls, sometimes the results are better than you might once have imagined.

kitchen overall


Cabinets by Medallion Cabinetry

White Painted Divinity Finish & Harbor Mist Finish

Work done by CF Carpentry 

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