March 09, 2017 2 min read

Many say that a carpenter's home is never done. There is always something that still needs to be done, or a project underway, or new ideas or inspiration lurking just around the corner. But how can a home ever really be done? These are the places we grow and build our lives.  Why should our homes not evolve with us?


Leaving the small city condo was bittersweet. The sense of community in their neighborhood and the walkability were two defining factors in their lives for the past 8 years. It can be hard to walk away from a Home. But the neighborhood was changing and the late night bus traffic didn’t quite have the allure that it did years ago. It was time to move on, time for the next evolution. So they decided to make a change, build a home, and move to the country (relatively speaking.)


New construction presents it’s own challenges in any situation. So these first time home builders were in for an adventure, but they knew that from the start. A background in construction prepared them for some of the decisions and tasks ahead, but one can only prepare so much for the unexpected. Being familiar with the building process didn’t lessen any of the decisions that had to be made.


When faced with so many choices, sometimes the best place to start can be knowing what you don’t want. For these homeowners, shiny countertops were out. No matter how small a choice, when you find your non-negotiable bedrock, decisions can then be based from your known preferences. Going with a honed finish on these granite counters gave them a color and material you can then build around.  

It was only one of many choices. So much is involved in building a new home. From digging the foundations to the light fixtures, and the last bits of hardware. The choices can sometimes seem endless, but that’s not always a bad thing. It allows you to customize your home to your exact wants and needs.

appliance garage tip up door

For these homeowners, that included a coffee maker connected to a water line built into their kitchen design. The appliance garage with a tip up door created the perfect home for a coffee maker they would never have to fill. It was a small dream, but a dream come true nonetheless.  It’s often the little things that make a home your own.

Building your home is journey and every step counts. Small choices come together and create a whole that is more than just the sum of it’s part. Little decisions may seem overwhelming and annoying, but all of them are important. Each one gets you closer and closer to home.

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