As a city, Gloucester has grown over the years. We are no longer the small fishing village our grandparents tell us about. Just like people grow and change, so do our buildings and homes. Cherish the past, but don't stay there.

As we lose landmarks and some of the older buildings, it’s important to focus on what we gain. New homes, new families and new life add to our growing community. With so much history behind us change can sometimes be hard to embrace, but if you take a closer look, it only adds to the strength of our community.


pillows speaker fruit bowl tile backsplash

On Rocky Neck, where the old Rockaway Hotel once stood is now a collection of homes and families. A space formerly reserved for tourists is now dedicated to raising families, while entertaining guests and taking in the beauty that Gloucester Harbor has to offer. It’s hard to imagine a better place to drink your coffee in the morning.

kitchen counter honed super white quarzite

This kitchen on the water has everything, expansive views, room for guests and even a place to cozy up with good book. The Medallion Cabinetry, Silverline, has a painted White Icing finish with Lancaster Shaker Style Doors. The stainless steel range top stove sits among the cabinets, blending with the cabinetry hardware.

range top stove cabinetry hardware tile backsplash

The large island means you can prepare a meal, work on homework or entertain friends without skipping a beat.

bar stools backsplash tiles modern kitchen

In addition to plenty of bar seating, the kitchen is connected to a dining room as a well as a sitting area.

kitchen to dining area sink

Although the backsplash may look like a bold color, the tiles themselves are actually clear. The resulting color, reminiscent of the sea glass that washes ashore beneath the windows, adds a splash of life to the kitchen. In fact, the entire color theme of this modern kitchen is inspired by the surrounding landscape. The beige cabinets and grays are a tribute to the sand and ledge nearby.

The faucet has a sleek, minimalistic design that lets the design do most of the talking. The counters have the look of marble, but are actually a Super White Honed Quartzite. It has the aesthetic of marble mixed in with some of the qualities of granite, making it the perfect choice for this kitchen.

kitchen sink faucet modern

As much as we want to cherish the past, sometimes all we can do is make way for the future. The Rockaway has transitioned over time. It remains a part of our past, has transformed the present, and will continue to be a vibrant piece of the future. Where the hotel once stood is now a collection of homes, lives and families that have contributed to the rich community of Rocky Neck.

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