October 13, 2016 2 min read

We all have places in our homes we don't share. While it's nice to have a private space, areas of disrepair (or shame) are places in our homes worth attention and resources. Attic's are often left off the tour when showing new friends around your home, but it doesn't have to be that way. Consider some sheetrock, easily accessible folding stairs or some new windows. Otherwise, it's just a waste of space. 



1.  Usable space

    Congratulations! You have wisely converted your attic and put it to good use. Whether it’s for storage, guest bedroom or home office. All of our homes have a finite amount of space, and before you think about expanding, it’s always a good idea to be sure you are using what you already have to best of your abilities.


    scary attic with junk


    2.  A Horror Movie Set

    We’ve all heard the stories about ghosts in the attic and we’ve all seen the movie. While this may be great inspiration for the Halloween season, it's no way to treat your home. Unless the next movie is going to take place in your attic, it’s time to shed some light on the situation and clear out the cobwebs.



    3. Junk

    Maybe you use your attic to house your past lives, out dated stereo equipment (I swear you can still use it!) or that ugly lamp you bought at a yard sale, the one you can’t put out for anyone to see, but for some reason also can’t bring yourself to throw it away. Likely you can get rid of most of it without affecting your life. Let's be honest: your college textbooks aren't going to help you anymore. Consider donating or taking items of good condition to a consignment store, that old junk can help earn some money towards the renovation. 


    drafty attic space


    4. Wind Tunnel

    Perhaps your attic is currently being used as a wind tunnel, or ventilation. But this is not the way to help your house breathe. Heat rises, which means any drafts you have in your attic are sucking out the warmth that you pay for with your hard earned dollars. Do yourself a favor and find out where the drafts are coming from. You may be able to increase your homes efficiency with little more than a can of spray foam.

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